Richard A. Camp

Personal Resume

Career Goal:

    I am now retired and have relocated for my retirement. I am available for limited consultation only, due to my disability.


    November 2010 - Retired/Disabled Relocated to the Philippines
    January 2009 - Retired/Disabled January 2009
    February 1999 - January 2009
      Certified Permit Technician / Account Clerk II: Responsibilities include: accounting, cash reconciliation, and accounts receivable and payable, building permit processing and code enforcement, including related paperwork for a local government agency. Computer database management and maintenance, including design and custom OOL programming. ICBO, Certified Permit Technician, January 2001. May, 2006 to May, 2007 Reassigned to Information Technology Department to work on programming the counties Posse Permit Tracking System developed by Computronix, Inc. of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

    June 1997 - February 1999
      Full Charge Bookkeeper: Responsibilities include: inventory, cash reconciliation, and accounts receivable for multi-division company. Computer database management and maintenance, including design and custom programming.

    1989 - February 1997
      Full Charge Bookkeeper: Responsibilities included, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, for 7 companies, and Payroll for 9 Companies, including quarterly payroll and sales tax reports. Custom reports, Computer Spreadsheet and Database management and maintenance, including design and custom programming, Computer system network maintenance and operations. February, 1993 my responsibilities increased to Office Operations and Accounting Manager for the Resorts.

    1989 - 2001
      Computer and Accounting Consulting: Limited consulting work on Accounting System setup, system design and related programming. Internet Software installation and Web-Page design and setup. Computer system setup and hardware configuration, including system networking. Software installation and training.

    1986 - 1989
      Returned to College: Accounting and cost controls including money management, computer operations, application installation and operations, database programming, and system design, hardware installation and maintenance.

    1984 - 1986
      Assistant Manager / Shop Foreman: Automotive Body & Repair Shop. Responsibilities included estimating, solving Insurance Company and Customer problems, as well as customer services, body and frame repairing, painting, mechanical and fiberglass tooling operations, as well as increasing the insurance and customer base.

    1974 - 1984
      Owner Operated Automotive Repair Business: Sole Propriater, Responsible for development of business, customer services, insurance company contacts, parts distributor distribution, employees, estimating, accounting and cost control paperwork.

    1968 - 1974
      Assistant Manager/Repairperson: Automotive Body Repair Shop.

    1966 - 1968
      Apprentice Tool and Die: Responsible for machine operations on the tool line, plus Technical School Classes.

    1963 - 1966
      Laborer: Residential home construction, responsible for blueprint drawing, all phases of construction from the ground up.

Special Skills:

    Accounting and Cost controls, Computer operations, including MS Dos 6.22, Novell Dos 7, and DR Dos 6.0 setup and programming, Dbase 3+, Dbase IV, Clipper 5.2 Database design and programming, Lotus 3.1 including multiple file programming, Posse programming and system design on an Oracle 8.1 database. AMI Pro 3.0, Wordstar 2000, Desktop Applications, Smartsuites 97, Lotus Millennium Edition and OCR Software, Generic Cadd 5.0, Basic Programming, Windows 3.11, Windows 95/98/NT4.0/2000 Pro/XP Pro/7 Pro, Microsoft Office 2000/2007, Coral Wordperfect 2000, Novell Personal Netware Operating System, hardware & software setup, implementation and system trouble shooting, and basic networking systems. World Wide Web internet HTML 4.0 basic programming. Netscape Navigator Ver. 3.1 on, and Microsoft Internet Explorer software Ver. 5.0 on. Computronix's Posse Permit Tracking System Software programming. Internet server and Web-Cam security technologies.


Other Activities:

Social Activities:

    County involvement, Chamber functions, Computer Clubs on the Internet, and various one on one volunteer computer work.
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Contact Information:

    Richard A. Camp
    Ormoc City, Leyte 6541
    (063) ???-???-???? upon request (Home-Phone)
    (063) ???-???-???? upon request (Cell-Phone)
    Internet E-mail:
    Internet E-mail:

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